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Bikram Yoga is designed to test your mind just as much as your body. Let your body sweat, detoxify and feel the best you have in years.

Bikram Yoga The Gabba is a licensed studio operating with full approval and endorsement from Bikram Choudhury.

The Bikram method of yoga is beautifully healing and beneficial for everybody regardless of age, fitness or flexibility level.

Bikram Yoga can help:

  • heal back pain, sports injuries and poor posture
  • rectify cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and thyroid problems
  • reduce insomnia, stress and anxiety
  • improve flexibility, fitness and focus
  • reduce stress, head-aches and migraines
  • improve weight loss, endurance and stamina
  • improve circulation and blood flow
  • reduce chronic pain, stress and depression
  • increase determination, will-power, and patience
  • slow the ageing process
  • increase sexual vitality and stamina

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