Bubs and Boardrooms

Bubs & Boardrooms

Bubs and Boardrooms is simply a family friendly co-working space.

Bubs and Boardrooms (B&B) is a co-shared work / office space specifically dedicated to all working parents and carers. In addition to a fully equipped working space, B&B provides an on-site child care “Playspace”. This arrangement allows parents to be readily available to their children while also having the tools and resources to get their work done. B&B allows parents the ability to provide for their child, as well as their employer.

Benefits of B&B include:

  • Ease of a two-in-one service. Both child care and work are positioned in the same location, therefore removing a long commute in city traffic;
  • Minimise separation anxiety for parents and young children;
  • Facilitate continued breastfeeding;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Quality output of work as employees are in a professional office environment and not at home looking after their children;
  • Reduction in company’s Occupational Health and Safety risk as B&B provides a safe and ergonomic work-space;
  • Decreased real estate costs for the employer;
  • Effective and productive employees;
  • Retained organisational knowledge; and
  • More economical for companies than providing child care at the office themselves.

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