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Ethos adopts an integrated, holistic approach to individual and organisational wellbeing. Our goal is to help organisations implement best practice employee wellbeing environments regardless of industry or employee demographic. This is achieved through careful consideration of the characteristics of your organisation and building a wellbeing program that meets the actual needs of your employees.

For a wellbeing program to have a positive and sustained impact, it needs to be built around a robust strategy with appropriate systems, procedures and assignment of responsibilities. Rather than being peripheral to the business, the wellbeing program should reflect and drive the values and culture of your organisation. In other words, how does your organisation demonstrate that “people are our greatest asset” every day.

I hope the attached brochure gives you some food for thought and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further at a convenient time.

Andrew Baillie

Managing Director

Click below to download a copy of our Corporate Wellbeing Brochure:

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