Employee Health & Wellbeing Assessments

An Ethos Health & Wellbeing Assessment is the most advanced in the market in terms of prognostic value, efficiency and cost. We cover biomedical as well as psycho-social risk factors, and use the latest point of care medical pathology testing equipment. This enables us to assess participants across 14 interrelated physical and mental health components, which relate directly to common short and longer term workplace issues. Our Employee Health & Wellbeing Assessments are similar to an “Executive Health Assessment” but at a fraction of the price.

Our delivery model have been carefully developed and refined with high profile Australian companies across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and we adopt a substance over hype approach. Now all your staff can have a comprehensive health assessment, not just your executives.


We understand that time is precious. The Ethos Health & Wellbeing Assessment is designed to minimise disruption on your workforce, with a streamlined four-step process including a simple online pre-assessment survey and a low-invasive onsite consultation with a Registered Nurse.

Ethos Health & Wellbeing Assessment Methodology


For many large and dispersed companies, it can be impractical to conduct onsite health assessments their employees. For these companies, we offer a fully remote version of the Ethos Health & Wellbeing Assessment that can be delivered 100% online. After completing an online assessment, participants print a voucher to undertake a blood test at an extensive network of pathology clinics around Australia.


Participants receive a comprehensive and personalised 15-page report outlining their greatest health risks with contemporary advice to help address these risks.

Sample Ethos Health & Wellbeing Participant Report

Your organisation receives a sophisticated reporting package identifying aggregate, de-identified results across all health indicators tested. Results can be reported across multiple groupings (e.g. age, gender, tenure, location, business unit, etc).

Sample Ethos Health & Wellbeing Management Report


Ethos also offers an optional follow-up service called Thrive for employees that flag as “high risk” during their Health & Wellbeing Assessment. These individuals are given opt-in access to a confidential support program to ensure they take appropriate actions to mitigate their identified health risks.

Thrive participants conduct a series of consultations with a medical or allied health professional and are given contemporary tools and resources to encourage them to achieve better health. Ethos can also issue medical referrals and scripts where necessary for follow-up assessments and interventions via Medicare.

Think of Thrive as a targeted, preventative version of EAP.


We believe in substance over hype. Our Medical Team are leading general practitioners, specialists and allied health professionals who apply the latest medical research and ensure all our services are evidence-based and have a positive impact on our customers.

In the last 12 months, the Ethos Health & Wellbeing Assessment has uncovered an array of significant health issues in participants, including:

  • 122 individuals with severe stress;
  • 87 individuals with severe stress;
  • 42 individuals with significant pre-indicators of coronary heart disease;
  • 16 individuals with undiagnosed diabetes.

Our Health & Wellbeing Assessments have led to important changes in the work environments and employee practices of leading organisations to better support their employees in adopting healthy lifestyles.

To make a booking or discuss further, contact us on (07) 3189 1593 or info@ethos365.com.