Improve Health

Innovative health and wellbeing initiatives designed to deliver real results.

Chronic disease represents the major source of health problems for adults, with the World Health Organisation reporting an overwhelming 37% of deaths in the population attributed to cardiovascular disease alone. It’s estimated that chronic disease rates will continue to rise disproportionately due to an increase in poor lifestyle factors including sedentary activity, poor nutrition, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Australian Worker Health Statistics - Blue Collar White CollarThe modern work profile has become a significant contributing factor to some of these poor lifestyle habits. In Australia, more than 66% of participants in a large scale workplace study were found to have a medium to high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and / or cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies have revealed that Australian adults are eating too much sugar and process foods and not doing a sufficient amount of exercise.

Traditional employee wellbeing programs fail to deliver results due to being ad-hoc, under-resourced and / or failing to engage end users. Ethos provides the systems, tools and resources for organisations to genuinely support their employees in making long-term positive lifestyle changes. We help you move beyond ad-hoc wellness initiatives to providing a holistic, healthy and engaged workplace environment.