Corporate Logo of Medihearts

Feel good. Live long!

We are a patient-centred Cardiology practice dedicated to providing premium cardiac care accompanied by unrivalled standards in service delivery.

At Medi Hearts we believe that understanding health from a patient’s point of view is the key to good patient care. When patients come to us they are often worried about their symptoms, their diagnosis and how this will impact on their future health.

Ultimately a patient wants to know:

  • Doctor, are my symptoms serious?
  • Is there something wrong with my heart? If so, what is wrong and what does it mean?

If there is something wrong then:

  • What can you do to make me feel better?
  • What can you do to make me live longer?

Hence our motto… Feel good. Live long!

We are always mindful about treatment costs and hence provide open disclosure regarding fees and charges.

At Medi Hearts we don’t just treat you, we care for you.