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MediRecords is your complete clinical and practice management solution.

MediRecords has been designed from the ground up specifically to utilise the convenience and power that the Cloud has to offer. There is constant need for health professionals to receive updated information in their software however legacy desktop software has a high cost and inefficient way to deliver that information, it also involves a lot of other limitations particularly around sharing of critical information.

In addition to the clinical and practice solution, MediRecords offer a secure mobile application for patients. Synchronised with their health providers, patients can use the Mobile app to update their health information, view their results in real time and for secure communication with their doctors and other health professionals. Not to mention the ability to book appointments online, make health payments, receive and store prescriptions, referrals, pathology and more. All information is stored in secure, world-class servers with data encrypted at rest and in transit using the latest encryption standards.

With a large and experienced development team that includes doctors and other health professionals, MediRecords have created a powerful product suite that will continue to be developed in collaboration with our valued community.