It’s time to stop focussing on Employee Engagement

It’s a term that has saturated HR literature for almost two decades and spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. Organisations spend huge amounts of resources trying to measure it and are constantly working to improve it. But does anyone really know what “employee engagement” is and why it’s so important? I’ll be the first to admit…

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They’re just not that into you.

The modern workforce in Australia is experiencing some seismic changes, with a rapidly increasing proportion of millennial workers and near parity in gender composition. This new profile is driving a fundamental change in employee expectations, with many looking to change their work hours, work from home or have flexible schedules in order to accommodate individual…

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Achieving Greatness Through Wellness

Every company aspires to be one, but what are the common characteristics of companies consistently recognised as being a great place to work? While it might sound obvious, in the vast majority of cases it’s simply creating an environment where your people enjoy coming to work. Where they identify closely with the values of the organisation…

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The Healthiest Companies to Work For

Considering work is the second most common source of stress (after money), and that 42 percent of respondents in a recent survey reported a stressful work environment as the reason they jumped ship, it’s about time more offices promoted a healthy lifestyle, no? And we’re not just talking about standard health benefits or a bowl of…

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Slow Down Your Mind

It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts, often having adverse impacts on your mental and physical health. This video highlights the importance of slowing down your mind and learning how to “switch off” to stop the negative impacts of this toxic behaviour.