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The Corporate Kid is a tailored nannying consultancy providing childcare and baby minding options at home or work.

Our goal is to reduce the roadblocks for women who want to pursue careers and return to work after having children and we strive to make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Corporate Kid is a safe and supportive nannying consultancy that places great emphasis on sourcing nannies that are appropriately matched to our client’s needs and expectations. We provide professional nannies for professional customers and we do our utmost to ensure our nannies are constantly working on self-development, both personally and professionally.

Every nanny is subject to an Australian Federal Police check and we ensure they meet any relevant state-based working with children requirements. All of our nannies are experienced and generally have completed a Certificate 3 in Child Care Services or Certificate 2 in Community Services and we work with registered training organisations throughout Australia to facilitate this,

For companies, we offer workplace or in-home child care solutions as part of their employee benefits programs. We take care of all of the administrative aspects of the arrangement (such as payroll, insurance, continuous training and safety certifications) to help nannies get on with what they love doing most – caring for kids! Our workplace offerings are becoming hugely popular as companies try to distinguish themselves as employers of choice by providing flexibility for professional mothers (or fathers!) looking to return to work.


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