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Withings creates smart products and apps to take care of you and your loved ones in new and easy ways.

Withings makes it ever so easy to keep track of your health. Technology has already become a part of our lives and our smart phones are much more than just a gadget. With Withings, achieving your goals is much easier – whether it is losing weight or improving your fitness.

How can Withings work for you?

We have developed a whole line of clever products, all designed with one purpose: having access to the data that would keep your health balanced. With our apps and our technology driven and user friendly devices you can manage the data that is gathered and get it analyzed and saved.

Our innovative and interactive devices are developed for people who put their health at the top of their priority list and lead a dynamic lifestyle. Keeping your fitness and nutrition balanced has never been so easy and enjoyable. Even when you are busy with your daily tasks, Withings is there for you in order to make sure that the most important things are under control.

Whether you have an Android or iOS device our smart products are adapted for these devices and before you know it they will become part of your daily health routine.